Report pours cold water on fire consolidation

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YUBA, CA — The proposed consolidation of four Yuba County fire departments would be “fiscally problematic” at this time, a new study says.

Folsom-based Citygate Associates says consolidating the Linda, Olivehurst, Wheatland and Marysville departments would require “considerable preparatory work.”

The “agencies are still a long way from being able to have any immediate, significant merger, or consolidation possibilities,” the report says.


“All of the jurisdictions provide good, quality service now,” Bendorf said. “But these recommendations will enhance service.”


Citygate recommendations

• “Explore the potential to have a consolidated Yuba/Sutter County Fire and law Enforcement Regional Dispatch Center. Such a center would facilitate coordination of limited resources in both counties that share a common boundary and common economy.”

• “Acquire positions and funding for a designated fire dispatcher in the Yuba County Sheriff’s Office dispatch center during the peak activity periods.”

• “Start (consolidation) by implementing a joint training program and closest-unit response plan as the first operational steps in the process.”

• “Executive managers and finance directors can discuss a framework to set up one employment relationship that all of the partners can afford to join …”

• “Develop a local mutual aid agreement addressing chief officer coverage. Under the terms of this agreement, chiefs will provide coverage for each other on a calendered basis.”

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