In September, Citygate successfully completed the following courses for personnel located in the 12 Bay Area Counties:

  • September 17-21, 2012: L-971 NIMS All-Hazards Facilities Unit Leader
  • September 24-26, 2012: L-960 NIMS All-Hazards Division/Group Supervisor

Also completed in May, June and August were the following courses:

  • May 21-25: L-964 NIMS All-Hazards Situation Unit Leader
  • June 13-15: L-975 NIMS All-Hazards Finance/Administration Unit Leader
  • June 25-28: L-969 NIMS All-Hazards Communication Unit Leader
  • August 13-16: L-965 NIMS All-Hazards Resource Unit Leader

The following courses are scheduled in late 2012 and early 2013, available for personnel located in the 12 Bay Area Counties:

  • November 29-30, 2012: L-956 NIMS All-Hazards Liaison Officer
  • February 25-March 1, 2013: O-305 Type 3 Incident Management Team

More courses are currently being scheduled, including: S-420 NWCG Command and General Staff, L-970 NIMS All-Hazards Supply Unit Leader, ICS 300 Intermediate ICS for Expanding Incidents and ICS 400 Advanced ICS for Command and General Staff, Complex Incidents, and MACS.


To register for courses already scheduled, visit If you do not have a user account, click the “Registration” tab on the main page and complete the registration form. Under the field titled “Registration Code”, enter the following code (case sensitive): #4tepregistration. Once you log in, courses will be listed under the “Available Courses” tab. Select desired course and click the “Register” button.


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