Vancouver declares Fire Stations 1 and 2 surplus

The City Council declared Fire Stations 1 and 2 surplus Monday, following a study recommending the city of Vancouver rebuild and relocate four fire stations to improve response times.

Once all four stations have been rebuilt, 90 to 100 percent of all existing public roads in town will be within a 6-minute drive of a fire station, according to a report a consultant from Citygate Associates of Folsom, Calif., presented to the City Council at a workshop Monday.

The city has been planning to move and rebuild Fire Stations 1 and 2 but hasn’t settled on the new locations. The stations are too old and small to be remodeled and are likely to collapse in a major earthquake, according to prior fire station relocation studies.

The next step is to choose an architect to design the new stations.

In addition to Stations 1 and 2, the Citygate study recommends the city …[read more here]

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