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The following article was acquired from The Malibu Times website and was written by Jimy Tallal.

Eighty-one percent of recommendations in Woolsey Fire report now in place

Many lessons were learned from the November 2018 Woolsey Fire — the largest wildfire in LA County history. The county Board of Supervisors hired Citygate Associates shortly after the fire to work with eight county departments to see what policies and procedures were needed in order to be better prepared for the next big wildfire.

In 2019, in its “Woolsey Fire After Action Review (AAR) Report,” Citygate came back with a list of 88 recommendations for changes within eight departments, and worked with them for two years to get the changes made.

At the Board of Supervisors (BOS) meeting on February 8, it was noted that 81 percent of Citygate’s recommendations had been implemented. The Board then voted to let Citygate conclude its oversight of the report and assigned the remaining 19 percent of tasks to its own Office of Emergency Management.

Citygate wrote in its final report that “the public interest is being served by these Woolsey-Fire-driven reforms,” which represent “a great step toward ensuring institutional change.”

Many of the changes have already been used in other local wildfires.

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