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City of Riverside, CA
Citygate completed a Police Department facilities review and headquarters/facilities siting study for the City of Riverside, California, with the goal of developing a new police headquarters facility within the City that optimizes operational services to the community. Citygate provided an evaluation of the three existing policing facilities’ functions, operations, and physical locations, related to the community they serve. Based on the evaluation of the facilities, Citygate determined what, if any, adjustments to policing operations are recommended to meet both current and projected future needs of the City. We also prepared an analysis of what policing functions the proposed new police headquarters, and potential sub-station(s), should provide and the approximate size of both sworn and professional workforce needed within the proposed police facilities. To determine this, Citygate evaluated the adequacy of staffing levels for current workload and meeting Department command staff’s goals and objectives related to staffing and community service level expectations.

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