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Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), CA
Citygate was retained by PG&E to independently assess the fire and emergency medical services impacts to the Maxwell Fire Protection District (MFPD) from the Colusa Power Generation Facility under construction. Citygate reviewed the potential for hazards at PG&E’s Colusa Power Generation Facility (CPGF) and the engineered systems that will mitigate those hazards. This included fire protection, hazardous materials, and personnel injury hazards. Citygate also reviewed CPGF operations staffing, training in emergency response, personal protective requirements, operating and maintenance safety procedures, and emergency response procedures related to the potential hazards, as well as the Risk Management Plans that have been prepared and submitted for agency approval. Citygate also identified the risk of impact on the local population that could result from potential unmitigated impacts on local fire protection services caused by construction and operation of the facility when multiple events occur that require simultaneous fire department response. We also identified other potential emergency response support in the area that may mitigate impacts to the MFPD.

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