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Travis County Emergency Service District #6, TX (Lake Travis Fire Rescue)
Citygate completed a Master Operations Plan and Standards of Coverage study, which included a review of fire prevention, training and safety, fleet management, facilities, and administrative support for Travis County Emergency Service District #6. Planning for the ESD #6 involved two stages of effort: a short-range plan to address current service delivery needs in light of the ESD #6’s economic situation and a longer-range plan to address fire services delivery at the current planned build-out of the District. This resulted in the relocation of headquarters, the purchase of additional response capability, and planning the location of two additional fire stations and centrally located training facility. In a number of areas, including training and prevention, the workload analysis provided the ESD #6 with direction on staffing levels and best practices. This effort was the culmination of a five-year financial and capital improvement plan and strategic planning process the ESD #6 had embarked on earlier.

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