Analysis of Fire Services: Standards of Cover and Staffing
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Analysis of Fire Services: Standards of Cover and Staffing

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Scope of work: A thorough review and analysis of service and staffing options for the Eden Prairie Fire Department. Citygate’s analysis will determine whether there are more effective, efficient, and improved deployment models for service delivery—consistent with state of Minnesota and national best practices—and will include a review and recommendation for fire service coverage for the City. As part of this thorough review, and in developing a Master Plan to guide the City going forward, Citygate will detail the pros and cons of each SOC model, the pros and cons of each staffing model identified, provide a detailed cost analysis of each SOC and staffing model identified, and will provide options for funding the cost of each model presented. Citygate will address the specific context and challenges that fire departments in Minnesota and much of the country face as a result of the changing fire, EMS, and demographic fact patterns, and will explore the potential staffing model changes required as a result of these changes.

Eden Prairie

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