Completed Projects

Animal Services Evaluation

Completed Date:
May 2019
Project Description:

Citygate completed an independent evaluation and assessment of the St. Louis County Animal Services policies, practices, standard operating procedures, veterinary protocols, and facilities. This evaluation examined compliance with the Missouri Department of Agriculture Animal Care Facilities Act, the Association of Shelter Veterinarian standards and guidelines, and best practices; identified areas for improvements; and made recommendations on tasks necessary to increase the live release rate, eliminate pet overpopulation in the community and decrease the number of animals coming into the facility, and improve Animal Care and Control’s current processes and procedures. Citygate received continual praise from the County throughout the engagement. Our project report was even accepted without revision! In the year following Citygate’s evaluation, as the County implemented Citygate’s recommendations, the euthanasia rate declined from 20 percent to 4 percent and the Public Health Deputy Director indicated that conditions at the shelter “improved dramatically.”

St. Louis

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