Assistance Preparing Animal Services RFP
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Assistance Preparing Animal Services RFP

Completed Date:
December 2019
Project Description:

Stemming from Citygate’s evaluation of the performance of the current vendor providing animal care and control services for San Mateo County, California, Citygate provided technical consulting support for the County’s efforts to prepare a request for proposals (RFP) for the contract period for one or more vendor(s) to provide those same services to the County and its member cities. This project included providing detailed requirements and specifications for the services to be performed by the prospective vendor(s) as described in the upcoming RFP; minimum reporting requirements to be met by the vendor(s); and recommended evaluation criteria presented in the RFP, along with an associated scoring sheet to be used by the County during the evaluation of proposals received in response to the RFP.

San Mateo

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