Contract for Management Services
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Contract for Management Services

Completed Date:
January 1997
Project Description:

Citygate served for a decade as the association management firm for the California Redevelopment Association (CRA), a nonprofit, statewide organization comprised of over 300 city and county agencies in addition to over 200 private sector firms from a variety of disciplines. Citygate was responsible for evaluating all policies related to redevelopment and the CRA. Citygate also performed services such as media relations, administering and analyzing surveys that were used to provide input into legislative affairs, policy recommendations and implementation strategies, administrative and support services for the strategic planning and community needs assessments on behalf of members, budget evaluations, interviews, seminars and workshops, and publications. An integral component of Citygate's management services was providing pertinent, comprehensive, and useful guidelines to the public sector practitioners in the field on behalf of the CRA.


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