Deployment and Coverage Analysis of Existing and Annexation Areas
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Deployment and Coverage Analysis of Existing and Annexation Areas

Completed Date:
December 2003
Project Description:

Citygate completed a deployment and coverage analysis of existing and annexation areas for the City of Vacaville. Along with a review of the current arrangement for fire protection services within the City of Vacaville, this study also included a review of existing City Fire Department performance expectations, the use of the Standards of Coverage model from the Commission on Fire Accreditation International to determine impacts generated by the proposed annexations, an examination of prior incident response demographic data, a technical report to document findings, and training and advising Fire Department staff in ongoing deployment analysis. The Standards of Coverage methodology was used to create a comprehensive study of the Department’s existing deployment and impacts created by proposed City growth. During this process, the Department learned to carry forward the study methodology, with Citygate providing coaching, facilitation, and technical geographic information systems support. FireView™ and RHAVE were used to support this analysis. The final Citygate report created a long-range deployment plan that was adopted by the Fire Chief and City Council.


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