EMS Ambulance System Joint Venture Design Options Study
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EMS Ambulance System Joint Venture Design Options Study

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Citygate is currently providing specialty assistance to San Bernardino County in exploring various options for the development of a joint venture partnership agreement between area fire agencies, the contract ambulance provider, and the County. The emergency medical services (EMS) system stakeholders – the County, the Chino Valley Fire District, Colton Fire, Ontario Fire, Rancho Cucamonga Fire, San Bernardino County Fire, and American Medical Response – have indicated a desire to form a transport systems partnership within the ambulance service exclusive operating areas (EOAs) to more fully manage ambulance transport and resultant service revenues generated in the EOAs. Citygate will explore various options for the stakeholders to participate in a multiple-party agreement for emergency medical ambulance transportation between the County, fire agencies, and AMR. In concert with all the agencies within the eight EOAs, Citygate will explore the governmental regulations, revenue methods, and organizational structures that could create a partnership that meets the needs of the agencies and is acceptable to the County’s regulatory and business needs.

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