Management and Operations Review of Maintenance Services Section
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Management and Operations Review of Maintenance Services Section

Completed Date:
December 2003
Project Description:

Citygate completed a management and operations review of the City of Glendale’s Maintenance Services Section. The Maintenance Services Section is responsible for maintaining all of Glendale’s street trees, commercial center street furniture and amenities, roads, sidewalks, gutters, storm drains, and sewers. The analysis included an evaluation of infrastructure-related General Fund and capital improvement program resource allocation, maintenance service levels, staffing and operations, including maintenance crew size and historical staffing trends; the use of vehicles, equipment, and technology; and a review of deferred maintenance of the City’s infrastructure. A primary focus of the project for Maintenance Services was the alarming increase in maintenance, repair, re-habilitation, and replacement cycles related to street trees, road maintenance, sidewalks, and other components of the City’s infrastructure.


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