Performance Audit of the Community Development Department
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Performance Audit of the Community Development Department

Completed Date:
December 2002
Project Description:

Citygate conducted a Performance Audit of the Community Development Department. The study included the divisions of Long-Range Planning, Customer Service, Development Services, Building, Engineering, Fire and Code Enforcement. Citygate analyzed cost for service and made appropriate recommendations. As part of Citygate’s review, an Employee Survey was conducted as well as a Customer Survey. The goal of the project was to provide recommendations to support increased efficiencies, effectiveness, timeliness, and customer service. The review focused on performance measurement, fee methodologies, staff development, and process streamlining. This study was followed by a strategic planning project using performance information from the first study to create a 5-year strategic plan for the affected Departments. In September 2002, Citygate was commissioned to re-administer the Customer Survey to determine if customer service and perspectives had improved since the implementation of our recommendations. The results indicated that customer satisfaction had increased as a result of the implementation of recommendations to increase customer service.


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