Regional Surface Water Supply Project
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Regional Surface Water Supply Project

Completed Date:
May 2021
Project Description:

As a subcontractor under Jacobs Engineering Group, Citygate assisted with the public outreach component of a regional surface water supply project for the Stanislaus Regional Water Authority (SRWA). The SRWA is a Joint Powers Authority that includes the California Cities of Ceres and Turlock. Because the groundwater that supplies the Cities’ drinking water becomes less reliable, in partnership with Turlock Irrigation District, the SRWA identified the Tuolumne River as a surface water supply that can be used in conjunction with the Cities’ groundwater systems to provide a long-term, reliable drinking water supply for both Cities. Jacobs was selected to complete the construction of the surface water treatment plant and transmission pipelines using the design-build approach. Jacobs selected Citygate Associates to provide strategic input related to public outreach services related to the construction. To provide these services, Citygate Senior Associate Dr. Nicholas Pinhey was retained to advise Jacobs on public outreach. Dr. Pinhey had served as a public works director for cities in the region and as the interim General Manager of the SRWA. His familiarity with the project and his past work with the SRWA partner cities enabled him to provide cost-effective solutions to meeting the public outreach needs for the construction of the major water transmission pipelines, while streamlining parts of the process.

Turlock, Ceres

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