Rotating Management and Staffing Audits (Including Police)
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Rotating Management and Staffing Audits (Including Police)

Completed Date:
January 2012
Project Description:

Citygate Associates conducted rotating departmental management and staffing studies for the City of Corona, including the Public Works Department, the Utility Services Department, the Public Library, the Housing and Development Department, the Police Department, the Building and Planning Departments, the Fire Department, the Department of Management Services, Parks, and a Citywide Overview of Implementation Status. Each study evaluated management, staffing, organization structure, resource deployment, maintenance service levels, operations, equipment, technology, human resource management, training, management information systems, performance measurement, and policies and procedures. We recommended specific performance measures for use in several departments. As a part of each management audit, we surveyed a number of comparable cities to develop comparative data and to identify best practices. In a follow-up analysis, Citygate found that over 95 percent of our approximately 250 recommendations had been implemented.


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