Standards of Coverage Assessment Update
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Standards of Coverage Assessment Update

Completed Date:
June 2015
Project Description:

The Menlo Park Fire Protection District retained Citygate to perform a Standards of Coverage assessment for field deployment services. This study included reviewing the adequacy of the existing deployment system from the current fire station locations and generally updating the Standards of Coverage assessment. This review was the first Standards of Coverage assessment to include the impact of traffic congestion on response times. The outcome of the study has been successful. As noted in a recent news article: “The City is using maps provided by Citygate Associates, the contractor that recently helped the City update its emergency response guidelines. In particular, a map titled, ‘Structure Fire Hot Spots,’ shows two areas prone to fires — one centered at the intersection of 5th Avenue and Middlefield Road in North Fair Oaks and the other along Newbridge Street between Willow and Bay roads in East Palo Alto.”

Menlo Park

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