Customer Service.Gov: Technology Tools and Customer Service Principles for Innovative and Entrepreneurial Government

As reviewed by Ted Gaebler, author of Reinventing Government:

“Customer Service.Gov is a user’s guide for applying technology tools and the ten principles of citizen and customer-centered public service to help governments develop and deliver better products and services.  The chapters on how to build a customer service culture, silo busting and boundary spanning, treating people that are being regulated like they are customers, guaranteeing the reliability of services, using communication and information technology to deliver e-government services, and integrating social media and civic engagement to enhance e-governance activities are unprecedented in their originality and uniqueness as applied to government.

Every chapter offers documented examples of the best practices and successful examples of governments that have been able to effectively and efficiently improve their performance using technology and the various principles of citizen- and customer-centered public service.  Chapters range from the basic premise of how to listen and learn from your customers and the community at large, to developing and using citizen- and customer-driven performance measures and priority-based budgeting for outcomes, to hiring the right employees for public service, to managing for moments of truth, and to using technology, big data and predictive analytics to improve public safety.”

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