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Customer Service.Gov: Technology Tools and Customer Service Principles for Innovation and Entrepreneurial Government, a user’s guide for to help governments develop and deliver better products and services, has been translated to Arabic.

Customer Service.Gov, authored by Citygate consultant Bruce McClendon and contributors Mac Birch and Ray Quay, was selected by the Translation Department of the Institute of Public Administration (IPA) in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, for training purposes. The IPA is a public, non-profit educational institution principally concerned with the training of Saudi personnel for civil service and for careers in the private sector.

A representative of the Translation Department, which carries out a program of translating books, articles, and other materials of interest to the IPA, has stated that copies of the translated book will be distributed among IPA staff members, instructors, and trainees.

More information about Customer Service.Gov can be found here. You can purchase the book on Kindle or paperback here.




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