September 2010

Are you cutting back on staff? 

Does your Elected Board still need and expect important key projects and programs to move forward?

Could you use some short-term help? 

Remember Lucy in the chocolate factory, struggling to wrap an overwhelming amount of chocolates on the conveyor belt, as the boss yells “Speed it up a little!”?  Ever feel like that?

Citygate Associates is available to serve city managers, county managers, and department heads by managing politically important projects and programs during these tough financial times.

We have highly experienced senior executives ready to step in immediately to produce and get results for you and your department heads in the following program areas:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Fire
  • Finance
  • Community Development
  • Redevelopment
  • Economic Development
  • Planning
  • Building
  • Engineering
  • Library
  • Animal Control
  • Public Works
  • Information Technology
  • Executive Search
  • Human Resources

We can show up immediately to lend a hand.  All you have to do explain your need to us, point us in the right direction, give us the files, introduce us to the key contact persons…we’re on our way.  We get things done on time, on budget, and without disruption.

All our Citygate team members are comfortable in complex, nuanced, and challenging situations.  We would welcome the opportunity to represent YOU with loyalty and competency.

Citygate Associates, LLC is a management consulting firm providing services to local governments across the Western United States. Headquartered in Folsom, CA, Citygate’s clients benefit from our ability to provide effective and cost-efficient services through improved management approaches and systems, clarified focus, and upgraded skills.

                   Citygate Associates, LLC
                     Celebrating 20 Years!
                            Ph: (916) 458-5100

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