The following article was written by Rebecca Kheel, Staff Writer for the Orange County Register. Click here to read the Orange County Register article in its entirety. Photo credit: Bruce Chambers of the Orange County Register.

Fire department study finds slower response in east

Though overall the Orange City Fire Department performs well, the city needs a fourth ambulance and response times in the east are a minute or so slower than the rest of the city, according to a recent [Citygate Associates] study commissioned by the department.

“The findings were consistent with observations of Fire Department administration and city staff,” said Capt. Casey Fieldhouse, department spokesman. “The biggest thing is we’re taking the information and making an immediate change to increase service without adding to the budget, and it gave us some clear direction for goals in the future.”


Future goals and changes will be addressed in an upcoming Strategic Plan, which the City Council recently approved spending $49,360 to have Citygate Associates prepare. The plan is expected to be ready in six to nine months.

“The need for one is really it provides a clear direction,” Fieldhouse said, “and for an organization like ours, having a clear direction is paramount.”


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