Citygate Associates, LLC recently completed a Comprehensive Public Safety Deployment and Performance Review for the Police and Fire Departments of Glendale, Arizona, and it was received quite positively.

You can watch video highlights of both our Fire and Police Department presentations below.

Police Department review presentation:

Fire Department review presentation:

Nearly all of the Council, and the Mayor, noted how “thorough” and “exhaustive” this analysis was.

In fact, the Mayor asked the Police Chief, “Is there anything in this report that they didn’t put in here that you wish that they would have? Was it pretty much thorough and covered everything that you hoped it would?” The Chief responded, “I don’t think that anything was missed in terms of the leadership of Citygate. Before we began, we knew some particular areas that we needed to know more about, and having the data analyzed differently than we might have done ourselves. So I believe it was a very thorough review.” The Mayor responded, “OK, and as far as you’re concerned, it was very fair also?” The Chief responded, “Absolutely!

The Glendale Fire Chief even stated, “My experience with Citygate and Chief Gary started in 2008 when I was Fire Chief of Oceanside Fire Department. Since then I’ve known him to be a true professional and a well respected person in the American fire service. I do respect the study that was performed on our Fire Department and I’m actually very excited that it was done….When I first heard the Citygate was performing this study I was excited about it because I knew that it was something that we were going to be able to use to move forward as an organization!”

This is the kind of analysis and poise you can expect from Citygate Associates, LLC.


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