Citygate AudModTM 
(Audio Module)


High-Level Organizational, Financial, and Public Safety Review

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The City of San Juan Bautista was the first agency Citygate proposed the AudModTM concept to, and the first to utilize the option. Thus, this convenient audio file represents the first of its kind.

Citygate’s AudModTM option offers a further way to maximize retention and resulting implementation efforts related to Citygate’s Final Report. This fully produced audio “podcast”-style component is specifically tailored to an agency and engagement, summarizing key points and recommendations from Citygate’s Final Report with added narrative context. The result is an easily accessible audio file that can be distributed to internal and external stakeholders and listened to while driving, exercising, etc.—providing stakeholders a means to absorb the content of Citygate’s findings and recommendations conveniently from their phones, tablets, or computers. Increasing permeation and understanding of the report that has been invested in will increase the likelihood of success for your agency.