We are public sector executive leaders

We are senior public sector executives committed to public service. Our leading ambition is to serve communities to cultivate good governance and transformational change.

Founded in 1990, Citygate Associates is comprised of both active and retired city managers, public safety chiefs, and other department heads regarded as leaders in their respective fields—most with 30+ years of local government experience and a master- or doctoral-level degree. Our Project Teams consist almost exclusively of these deeply experienced public sector executive leaders. As current and recent practicing professionals in public administration, we provide local governments with an external “seasoned department head team,” not the opinions of junior staff members or consultants who have spent little time on the front lines managing in local government.

Your Virtual City Hall

With our Virtual City Hall model, Citygate has expertise across nearly the full array of local government functions. We include numerous experienced department heads on our Project Teams with significant experienced bench-depth if the need arises. Citygate also has an extensive network of subcontractors available when additional expertise is needed.

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