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City of Lawrence, KS
Citygate completed a comprehensive management study for the Lawrence Police Department in Lawrence, Kansas. Citygate’s assessment included a detailed analysis of every type of delivered services by the Department, covering its internal support services, community relations, and community oversight. A data-driven review considered the adequacy of the existing deployment system, scheduling, and staffing. We reviewed response time, crime, and call data that drives the recommendations for staffing in Patrol. The project also entailed formal community listening sessions with approximately 100 diverse community stakeholders, including the faith-based community, civic organizations, students, elected officials, and law enforcement, as well as the elderly, LGBTQ, African American, and Native American communities. In addition to interviews with the City Manager, the Chief of Police, and other key positions, this study also included an internet-based community survey to allow for the public to provide feedback regarding current and future service.

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