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The following article was acquired from the Triton News website and was authored by Samir Nomani.

UCSD Fire Station Approved for Construction

The San Diego City Council approved construction on January 8 of the first on-campus fire station, which will serve the university grounds and adjacent neighborhoods.

The fire station is slated to be built close to the North Torrey Pines Road and Northpoint Driveway intersection, near The Village housing. The University [of California, San Diego,] and the City of San Diego will cooperate during the construction process.


The new station is expected to improve emergency response times for the area. This decision came after the city commissioned Citygate Associates, LLC to conduct a study on the deployment of existing fire services. In 2011, the report found the number of services was inadequate, resulting in long response times. With the new station on campus, emergencies can be handled faster without drawing personnel from the rest of the city.

Click here to read the full article at the Triton News website.


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