Planning Section Chief Training
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Planning Section Chief Training

Completed Date:
January 2011
Project Description:

Citygate has performed two training engagements for Santa Clara County, most recently in 2011, where Citygate presented four NIMS All-Hazard Incident Management courses, two each of L-964 Situation Unit Leader and L-965 Resources Unit Leader. Both courses were presented in shifts to allow students with varying schedules to attend. In 2008, Citygate presented Planning Section Chief (S-440) training to the emergency personnel from the Bay Area counties. Training was structured to meet the demands of fire department shift schedules. Scenarios and exercises were all-risk and focused on potential emergencies likely in the Bay Area. Courses were presented on time and within budget. The Department of Homeland Security funded this project, and the project met the approval of the Office of Domestic Preparedness.

Santa Clara

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