Analysis of General Fund Capital Improvement Program
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Analysis of General Fund Capital Improvement Program

Completed Date:
January 1999
Project Description:

Citygate completed a review of Salt Lake City’s general fund Capital Improvement Program in preparation for hosting the Winter Olympics. The study included a presentation of options for programming and financing a 20-Year Plan; identifying capital needs for new projects, as well as the maintenance of existing assets. Further characteristics of the scope of the study included a complete list of deferred and future General Fund CIP needs, beginning with the City’s existing Inventory of Capital Needs; recommendations on items to be added or deleted from the Inventory; a review of the processes, as well as the results of capital project planning; and a comparison of the City’s approach to the best practices of comparable municipalities. Citygate has also completed a planning process analysis, management and performance audit of the Redevelopment Agency, management audit of the Engineering Division, and leadership and succession planning for Salt Lake City.

Salt Lake City

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