Regional Center Core Staffing and Budget Development Study
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Regional Center Core Staffing and Budget Development Study

Completed Date:
June 2004
Project Description:

Citygate completed a study of staffing levels and classifications and the budgeting methodology the Department of Developmental Services used to fund the State’s 21 Regional Centers (RCs). For this large, multi-faceted, and in-depth study of Regional Center operations, budgets, workload, and mandates, Citygate combined qualitative and quantitative data elements emanating from multiple sources, such as the RCs, state agencies, vendors, consumers and families, associations, and other stakeholders. Citygate evaluated system mandates in California and researched best practices nationwide. Locally, RCs serve as case studies of best practices and minimum standards that will define the functions and tasks each Regional Center must carry out to meet State and federal mandates. The analysis of how RCs meet their mandates, combined with other analyses, will result in the development of a new staffing model to provide funding for the core activities and necessary administrative support of the 21 RCs.


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