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Sample Reports for the City of Redwood City

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City of Angels Camp, CA

Emergency Medical Services Strategic Plan and Organizational and Operational Review

Citygate recently provided strategic planning and facilitation assistance for the City of Angels Camp, California, as a follow-up to Citygate’s previous two studies for the City. For this project, Citygate interviewed key staff, City Councilmembers, and community members to gauge current operational efficiency and identify both goals and priorities as well as general and operational issues to assist in the Council in its process of development. Citygate provided facilitation for the Council through a one-day strategic planning session. Citygate also reviewed the City’s current fiscal condition at a high level to identify present opportunities and challenges. In a follow-up engagement recently completed, Citygate provided implementation support covering the following objectives: (1) explore and evaluate ideas; (2) discuss elements of the implementation plan and strategy including accountability measures; (3) discuss the evaluation from the Citygate Project Team’s perspective of innovation; and (4) review relevant research and assessments. Citygate facilitated an on-site session to best activate the City’s staff with clear implementation roles and responsibilities. Citygate also conducted an online survey to comprehensively determine implementation ideas and priorities from internal stakeholders and an accompanying communication strategy. Citygate also included an implementation innovation mini-training for the City including various City staff identified by the City Manager. Citygate conducted interviews with each City Council members and with the City Manager prior to the on-site facilitation. Training on communications, collaboration, and leadership was included in the on-site facilitation.


City of San Juan Bautista, CA

Citywide Organizational and Financial Review and Strategic Plan Update

Citygate completed a high-level observational organizational and financial review for the City of San Juan Bautista, California. This review included analyzing revenues and expenditures for the General Fund and reviewing the City’s Annual Audit to inform Citygate’s budget sustainability recommendations, to provide guidance to establishing financial and budgetary policies and procedures, to provide financial forecast and budgetary models for the City and City staff to utilize going forward, and to provide an assessment of three to five current issues and suggested priorities, as well as recommendations for workload management and suggested topics for further in-depth study as needed. Citygate then performed a strategic planning and facilitation session for the City to identify current issues and develop recommendations for workload management. After conducting varied stakeholder interviews and community and employee surveys, Citygate assisted in a Citywide update to establish vision and mission statements and identified key strategic goals and core priorities alongside developing new processes to monitor progress and update the Strategic Plan. 

Los Angeles County, CA

Emergency Medical Services Strategic Plan and Organizational and Operational Review

Citygate completed an expansive review of the organizational and operational components of the EMS program at the Los Angeles County Fire Department. A comprehensive strategic plan was also developed to guide the next three to six years of improvement in the Department’s EMS programs and allied support structures. This study and strategic plan addressed deployment, use of resources, best practices in pre-hospital medicine, organizational and personnel practices, and the use of information technology.

Alameda County, CA

2022–2032 Strategic Business Plan

Citygate recently completed the development of a strategic business plan for the Alameda County Fire Department. The design of this plan will be to guide the efforts of the Department over the next 10 years. This strategic plan will entailed the preparation of an environmental scan that identified key internal and external factors with potential to significantly impact the Department or the services it provides over the next decade, as well as, in conjunction with the Department’s Strategic Planning Committee, the refining of vision, mission, and values statements and the development of goals, strategies, and objectives to achieve the desired future state of the Department.

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